PlayStation 3 Must Plays

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The Era of the PlayStation 3 is drawing to a close with its more powerful brother due out the end of November. The PlayStation 3 has been the host to a number of great titles and has featured some unforgettable exclusives. Here are some of the top games that any PS3 owner should play.

Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception

The cinematic action title developed by Naughty Dog was a PlayStation exclusive and follows the adventures of Nathan Drake. With some incredible cut-scenes and brilliantly gritty action the uncharted series as a whole are an absolute must play. The Uncharted 3 game did feature a multiplayer mode but the lackluster combat felt shallow and quite frankly, boring.


A subtle storytelling game developed by a Sony funded indie studio known as thatgamecompany. Journey features a minimalist art style and an innovative approach to online multiplayer. Strangers will meet one another from time to time but with little way to communicate and their means only through actions it leads to some unforgettable moments. Journey is a PlayStation exclusive and you can pick it up for as well worth price of £9.99 of the PlayStation Network.

PlayStation 3 Must Plays

Heavy Rain

Quantic Dreams produced a masterpiece that showed just how engrossing a game could become. As a player of Heavy Rain you were presented with shape your story as you progressed. Though the game had little action and fighting when it did it appeared in the form of directions of what buttons to press within a time frame; but even if you missed these, the story still continued. Developers Quantic Dreams believe that a game should never have a “Game Over” but should adapt to a players inputs.

Quantic Dream then went on to develop Beyond: Two Souls, a very similar style of game but with a new story of a young woman who has a connection with an entity from the spirit world. It is a very powerful and moving game that stars actors Willem Defoe and Ellen Page who play the main protagonists. Beyond is stunningly beautiful and a real testament to just how great a machine the PS3 is. Both Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two souls are PlayStation 3 exclusives.

The Last of Us

Another entry from developers, Naughty Dog, that takes place in decimated earth that has been reclaimed by nature. The story follows Joel, a fierce survivor who is working together with an unlikely teenager called Ellie. The Last of Us is a real contender for the best PlayStation 3 title, it creates moments of pure adrenaline, sorrow and joy and every play through seems different to the previous. It is a true masterpiece and a must have for any PlayStation 3 Owner.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

For any PlayStation fan it would be difficult to have not heard of the popular sony exclusive series Metal Gear Solid. The stealth action game continues the story of seasons veteran Solid Snake for one final mission. Guns of the Patriots wraps up the Metal Gear saga with a gripping finale that makes it one of the best PS3 titles.

There are dozens more PlayStation exclusives that belong in this article such as God of War, Gran Turismo, MotorStorm, LittleBigPlanet and Killzone just to name a few. No doubt sony will release a number of the above titles on the PlayStation 4 network so players can once again journey back and experience these outstanding titles.

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