PlayStation 6 In Development With “Next-Generation” Chip

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PlayStation 6

The PlayStation 6 is already in development as AMD is hiring for developing its “next-generation” chip for Xbox and Playstation consoles.

It’s been a few years since the PlayStation 5 was released and to date, users are not able to still get their buy one of the consoles. The chip shortage has led to a tremendous stock issue, and we are still witnessing stock getting finished in a matter of seconds whenever new stocks come in. Reports have indicated that the stock situation isn’t getting better anytime soon, so it will still be a while before the PlayStation 5 is readily available. Amidst that, it seems like the PlayStation 6 is already in the works.

In a new job listing on LinkedIn, it is said that AMD is looking for a System-on-Chip Verification Engineer who will be a part of the team which created the chip for Xbox and PlayStation.

The team behind the chip powering XBOX™, PlayStation™ and the latest RDNA-family graphics chip is hiring for its Markham location in Canada for the next-generation chip development project!

We are currently looking for a System-on-Chip Verification Engineer who will be part of a team working on next generation of a complex SOC design. The successful candidate will play a key role in SOC verification performing the following duties for functional, power, and performance aspects with simulation and hardware emulation environment.

A truly multidisciplinary function, working in close collaboration with the front-end designers and physical designers on the various SOC verification efforts, interacting with a wide variety of internal and external design verification development teams, Design Verification methodology, and Silicon IP and tool vendors.

While fans of the console might be wondering that it is a bit early for the development of a new console without enhancing the stock situation, it should be noted that this isn’t that shocking. If we look at the previous consoles, pretty much all of them were in development for around 2 years since the release of the new console. Not to forget, the chip is the most key part of the console so designing it would take some time, as one would expect some technological advances. This doesn’t mean the PlayStation 6 is coming anytime soon as well, since we are still very far away from the release of the next gen console.

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