PlayStation Classic Ripped Open

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Sony PlayStation Classic

If you want to know what is inside the Sony’s PlayStation Classic mini retro console you will be happy to know that Richard Leadbetter from Digital Foundry has wasted no time taking a screwdriver to the miniature console to show what Sony put inside the console.

Inside the console, Sony has placed a quad-core ARM supported by 1 GB of memory together with 16 GB of flash storage. Sony is also installed a PowerVR GPU but the team at Digital Foundry explain the “utilization of GPU acceleration in the PlayStation Classic is likely minimal”.

PlayStation classic teardown

“Opening up the PlayStation Classic is a piece of cake. Five screws on the base of the device hold the two halves of the replica casing together. A cross-head Phillips screwdriver is all you need to gain entry to the innards – there are no troublesome Torx screws or glue to contend with. A label on the underside of the machine gives the PlayStation Classic an SCPH-1000R model number, a nod to the original PlayStation’s SCPH-1000 designation.”


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