PlayStation DualSense Edge Wireless Controller Design Story Video

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PS DualSense Edge

PlayStation fans that would like to know more about the design of the PS DualSense Edge wireless controller, will be happy to know that Sony has made a new article delivering a hands-on overview of its key features and design features. As well as a behind-the-scenes look at the controller’s design story.

“Players can adjust the length of the triggers with built-in switches for both R2 and L2 buttons. This makes on-the-fly customization easy, without needing to adjust any controller profile settings. One example from my time included jumping from God of War Ragnarök, where I wanted a full range of the R2 button, to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, where clicking into a shorter trigger length helped me shoot faster.”


PS DualSense Edge

“The DualSense Edge controller features three sets of stick caps that make quick customization easy. The two standard caps are the same as the DualSense controller’s snappy sticks, while the sets of high and low dome caps offer a satisfying concave feel. I appreciated being able to swap in a high dome cap on the right analog stick, which provided a greater degree of finesse when taking aim in Call of Duty or Apex Legends.”

“The DualSense Edge controller also features optional back buttons. The lever back buttons offer a longer, flatter form factor that’s quick to activate. The half-dome back buttons feature a low profile and precise feel. They open up new options for button configurations, and once I acclimated to the new inputs I felt like a nimble powerhouse.

The DualSense Edge controller comes with a sleek and sturdy shell-like case to keep your controller and its accessories safe and organized. One nice touch is the removable flap where the included braided USB charging cable can fit, allowing you to charge the controller while nestled within its case. ”

Source: Sony

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