PlayStation Holiday Gift Guide 2019

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PS4 Pro

PS4 Pro – $329.99

The PS5 is not coming out until next holiday season so there is still loads of time to upgrade to the 4K gaming field with the PS4 Pro. Make your games glow on those 4K screens you probably have on the wish list this year! $70 off also ain’t too bad at all.

PlayStation VR games

PSVR – $349.99

VR is really starting to mainstream thanks to PSVR it is easier to get into the VR game than ever! Grabbing a bundle is the best way to go so you get the required controllers and 2 bundled games. If you just want the standalone VR headset, that is an option as well.

External Hard Drives

External Hard Drives – $79.99-$249.99

Game install volumes are proceeding to get bigger and bigger and hard drive space is becoming a more valuable commodity in the gaming game. With an external drive for your PS4, you can get extra space without having to go through the trouble of reinstalling your operating system or games! Whether you want a little more space (2TB) for your PS4 or even bigger there is an option for you! You can even go with an external SSD which is way more easier to install and all and if you want but there wasn’t as much of a load time reduction.

DualShock 4 Controllers

Controllers- $45.99-$199.99

There is nothing more satisfying than playing games on a new controller! The thumbsticks feel so much more enjoyable and the buttons are nice and tender. If it has been a while since you had a new controller this is the best time to get one. With the extensive variety of controllers available, there is something for everyone from the standard PS4 Controller to the Esports Astro C40. There are also third-party tournament controllers available as well in the market.

PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now $9.99-$59.99

PlayStation Now has certainly become an attractive thing after its recent price reduction. With a modest subscription, PS4 owners are given access to well over 700 games across PS3/4 that they can stream and play on both their PS4 or PC! Games are rotated in and out of the service on a monthly basis so there is always something new to try. Right now you can grab a 1 month,  3 months or 12 months pre-paid subscription for effortless gifting!

Accessories – $19.99-$39.99

There are many enjoyable small add-ons you can get for PS4 accessories including controller chargers, chat pads, and even a wall mount for PS4/Slim and Pro.

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