PlayStation Portal Sells Out In Two Days

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PlayStation Portal

The PlayStation Portal, Sony’s latest handheld streaming gadget that brings PlayStation 5 games to a tablet-like screen, has become a hot commodity, vanishing from shelves within a mere two days of its November 15 debut. Unsurprisingly, the scarcity has given rise to inflated resale listings across various platforms.

Initially priced at $200, the PlayStation Portal quickly sold out through official channels, such as Sony’s internal store, paving the way for scalpers to capitalize on the situation. On platforms like eBay, the device is now being resold for anywhere between $300 and $350. At the higher end of this spectrum, it’s nearly double its original cost.

This familiar narrative of stock shortages and reseller markups is nothing new in the world of coveted gaming devices. The PlayStation 5 faced similar challenges, with resellers pushing prices to twice the original $500 tag, and the scarcity lingering for years post its 2020 launch.

Valve is taking steps to combat this trend with the OLED Steam Deck, implementing a requirement for a Steam account in “good standing” with a purchase on the store before November 1 to be eligible for pre-orders. This preemptive measure aims to thwart resellers from creating accounts between the device announcement and the commencement of pre-orders.

In contrast to the PlayStation 5, the PlayStation Portal distinguishes itself as a tablet with DualSense-like grips on the sides. While its appearance may seem quirky, it offers a comfortable grip, surpassing the Nintendo Switch in this aspect. The device serves as an accessory to the console, enabling users to play games on a handheld device via Wi-Fi, presenting a flexible gaming experience. It could prove valuable to those with a PS5 in the living room, seeking to play in bed or share the TV with others. However, its usefulness varies depending on your specific gaming needs and home setup.

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