PlayStation Reduced The Download Speed In Effort To Ease Internet Load In Europe

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Jim Ryan stated on the PlayStation Blog about the company’s efforts to support internet service providers (ISPs) by reducing and delaying game downloads.

Video games are one of the best kinds of entertainment right now, with players all over the world connecting with each other online while everyone stays indoors. However, the tremendous volume of online traffic is difficult for ISPs, so Sony Interactive Entertainment is working with these companies to help protect access for the whole internet community.

Internet stability is clearly not something else we want to worry about right now, so it makes sense that Sony and other companies like Netflix are trying to dodge powerful providers with high-volume, high-demand traffic.

The SIE president wanted players to be informed of possible delays or slowed downloads, but he assured that gameplay will not be negatively affected.

It’s likely that more streaming companies and gaming platforms will follow suit.


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