PlayStation Unveiled The DREAMS Launch Trailer

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The highly-anticipated Dreams allows players to explore with unlimited possibility. The Dreamiverse holds all of the games and exciting creations from players. While the expected title has not been promoted heavily prior to its release, Dreams will surely be one of the most unusual releases on the console.

The adventure game from developer Media Molecule invites players to build, share, and cooperate on just about anything. Design games, puzzles, music, movies, and all sorts of art.

Three different game modes give hours and hours of options:

Dream Shaping – Learn how to design your own games, animate, make music and more with easy-to-follow tutorial videos – and then share or collaborate with others.

Dream Surfing – Browse through unique creations uploaded by other players. Rate them, recommend them to friends or take inspiration for your own designs.

Art’s Dream – Embark on a full-length, genre-crossing story campaign created by developer Media Molecule that showcases the immense creative potential of Dreams.

To learn more or to order Dreams, visit the game’s page on the PlayStation website.


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