Playstation VR Details Revealed And Launch Game Will Be DRIVECLUB VR

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Details of the Playstation VR have been released. Via Playstation Asia. The gadget will hit stores on October 13th, will launch at $399 to users. If you plan on purchasing the PSVR you at least need the Playstation Camera for it to function, and some other games may require Playstation Move controls. Sucks that you got rid of those a while back right?

There will be two options of broadcasting to your television screen. Mirror mode will show family and friends what you are seeing and “separate” mode will allow you to play via headset while other players can play competitively or cooperatively on the television.

While 3D immersion is possible, players can also opt to use the “cinematic” mode to make it appear as though they are playing or watching on a gigantic screen. Players can also use the technology to watch 360 videos or view pictures.

Driveclub VR will be made available on launch day for users to play.


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