PlayStation VR Mage’s Tale Dungeon Crawl Adventure Game Released Now

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Mage’s Tale

It is been released on the PC VR platforms before and now it is released on PlayStation VR offering a “highly immersive dungeon-crawling” RPG from inXile, created from the ground up for virtual reality. Watch the launch trailer and accolades trailer for PlayStation below to learn more about the game with 10+ hour dungeon crawler RPG set in the world of The Bard’s Tale.

“Exploration, combats, puzzles to solve, and secrets await every player who dons the PS VR headset. When your wizarding master is kidnapped, it’s up to you to rescue him and complete your journey from apprentice to master mage. You’re armed with nothing but your wits, raw elemental power, and your own wizarding workshop in which you can craft hundreds of different spell combinations. The unrivaled immersion of VR allows you to tell your very own Mage’s Tale.”

Here are a couple of tips for navigation and in-game commands to help you get started :

– To load or start a game you have to throw a magic bottle into a cauldron. To delete a game profile, you have to burn it with fire
– Your HP can be refilled by health potions, but it is not automatic. You have to drink the potion by bringing it to your mouth (or pouring it all over your head).
– Your “Inventory” is a magic frog, Fergus, that you feed your items on your adventures.
– To craft new magic spells, you combine spell ingredients in a cauldron and stir them up. To equip that spell you have to grab the spell and place it into your spellbook.
– “Options” is a physical table that you can interact with.

For more details head to the official PlayStation blog where David Rogers Lead Designer, inXile explains more about what you can expect from the Mage’s Tale virtual reality adventure.



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