PlayStation’s State Of Play Overview – Comes With Trailers For PREDATOR: HUNTING GROUND, GHOST OF TSUSHIMA and Many More

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Sony just shows off its latest State Of Play earlier this week. We saw a lot of brand new games and great trailers for others with release dates and windows for others. This will be a fast break down of all the games shown and the information shared with the audience.


Untitled Goose Game

The unassuming game that came out of nowhere, Untitled Goose Game is walking onto PS4 December 17th! Get ready to annoy farmers and honk at innocent bystanders in just a week!



This game has had a PC beta for some time now, and now making its way to consoles. Taking the battle royal game to a whole new level with magic and spells, get psyched to play this game later next year with a closed beta in the Spring of 2020.



Media Molecule has been quiet over the years with flashes of what Dreams really is. We see shooters, platformers, dark horror elements and bright adventures all within this game



It wouldn’t be Playstation without something odd. This game and its trailer gave us a look into the mind-bending gameplay to this hard to explain the game. No release date was given, but I am for sure excited for it.


Paper Beast

Exploring different worlds is what VR was made for. We get to travel to a new world with things and beings made of origami and paper shapes. The game looks like a thrill to just explore and see what there is to do in the world.


Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind

Kingdom Hearts fans don’t have to wait a bunch of years for more new content! We are getting a new DLC called Re:Mind which will take players on many new encounters with more playable characters on January 23rd 2020.


Predator Hunting Grounds

The Predator movies have always so tense an action-packed as the humans fight against far advanced aliens. However, in the world of video games, it is time to become the hunter and use plenty of tools and weapons to track and kill the victim. It will be coming out April 24th 2020.


Babylon’s Fall

A magical game full of action, teamwork and monsters were shown in this new trailer for Babylon’s Fall. There is no release date of any kind, but we will see more info next summer for sure.


Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil 3 is making its way back! We were dealing with many leaks a few days ago, but it has been shown to be the campaign side of the Project Resistance game. Also! A release date was published, April 3rd, 2020.


Ken Kutaragi, The Father of PlayStation

December 3rd marked 25 years of PlayStation and Ken Kutaragi gave a small, but sincere thank you to the developers, journalists and especially the players who have made PlayStation the giant of gaming it has turned into.


Ghost of Tsushima

We get a short part of a trailer of Ghost of Tsushima, it shows just about nothing at all, but looks great! We will be getting a complete trailer at the Game Awards on December 12th.

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