Pocket Prima 1080p Projector Projects a Huge 200 Inch Screen

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Pocket Prima 1080p Projector

Prima is a very little pocket projector and it is the size of a smartphone that is able of projecting a massive 1080p 200-inch picture. The thin lightweight and versatile Prima projector will project a cinema-quality video up to 200 inches onto any surface.

Pocket Prima 1080p Projector

“Movies are more engrossing, sports are more thrilling, and gaming is unbelievable in life-size HD quality. With Prima, you’ll never go back to crowding around a TV screen again” say it’s engineers.

“Prima is 400% brighter than other portable projectors. Its 200 lumens deliver a crisp, sharp picture in any lighting condition. Superior brightness combined with stunning 1080p HD video make Prima the best projector in its class.”

Features of the Projector:

– Portable, slim, and as light as an iPhone 8 Plus!
– Powerful 1080p resolution so you can watch your movies in HD quality.
– Screen projection of up to 200 inches.
– 200 lumens allowing it to brighten up the whole room.
– Built-in Android software so you can easily stream anytime, anywhere.
– Easy screen sharing for seamless entertainment.
– Prima is great for work, school, movie nights, photo viewing, gaming, and much more. All you need is a flat surface and you’re good to go!


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