Pocket Size Wireless VPN Box, Keezel

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Public WiFi hotspots can come in handy, but connecting to one usually means throwing privacy and security out the window. Keezel’s is a new pocket size device with which you won’t have to make that sacrifice.

Keezel is a palm-sized VPN hub. It’s a bit like the travel routers made by companies like TP-Link and D-Link. Instead of connecting your devices to a public hotspot, you connect them to Keezel — which you then connect to the hotspot using a simple mobile app.

It acts as a gatekeeper, keeping your devices isolated on their own private network. Keezel can’t force someone else’s open router to give it an encrypted connection, so its creators built it to funnel everything through some of the biggest VPN services in the world (including PureVPN and Le VPN).

Any data that you send from your devices is sent to Keezel over an encrypted WiFi connection and heads off to the Internet inside a secure tunnel. It’s a clever setup, and one that should keep your devices and data safe in places like coffee shops, airports, and libraries. The integrated 7000mAh battery will let you securely surf for about 10 hours.

it costs $60 and will give you unlimited access for a year. Keezel will also let you run on a free tier. It’s slower and doesn’t offer the location-shifting options that the paid tier does.

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