POKEMON GO Reveal Trade Evolution and Unova Mons!

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Pokémon Black and White game fans, are you already into Pokemon Go? Niantic has published that starting January 10th, 2020, many Pokémon from the Unova region will soon be moving to the hit mobile game!

Pokémon such as:

  • Archen

  • Axew

  • Dwebble

  • Joltik

  • Karrablast

  • Roggenrola

  • Shelmet

  • Tirtouga

  • Trubbish

  • Tympole

  • Venipede

… and others will now be spawning at Pokémon encounter areas and hatching out of eggs.

In addition, Evolution via trading has now been added for select Pokémon such as Kadabra to Alakazam, Graverler to Golem and Machoke to Machamp. Evolution via trading has been a staple game mechanic of the games since 1996.

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