Pokemon Go is Winning The Revenue War

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Pokemon Go revenue

According to analytical firm Sensor Tower, Pokemon Go is making some serious money. After just one month of launch Pokemon Go has grossed more than $200 million in revenue.

That $200 million figure is twice the amount generated by hit game Clash Royale after its first 30-days. And it also is twice the revenue earned by Candy Crush Soda Saga during that game’s first month of availability.

The revenue comes from in-app purchases Pokemon Go players make. You can buy Poke Balls, which are tossed at Pokemon to catch them. Players can also pay for things like Lures and Incense, to attract Pokemon. As Pokemon Go launches in more countries, the amount of revenue brought in continues to grow. The launch in Japan in the middle of last month really kicked things into gear.

New countries enters into this world over phenomenon, Pokemon fans in other countries where you know demand for the game is going to be huge, like China, Korea and India, are still awaiting the word from Niantic that Pokemon Go has launched in their regions and revenue will only get fatter. Someone is very happy in his yacht.

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