POKEMON SWORD and SHIELD Announced And You Can Pre-Order Now!

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Today’s Pokemon Direct received the exact reveal we were all waiting for, the reveal of the 8th generation of Pokemon! Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are the names of the new games which will place in the Galar region. The Galar region looks like a Pokemon take of England and comes complete with castles, fields, forests, snow topped mountains and other mountainous areas.


Along with the region reveal we also got our first look at the three brand new starters for Sword and Shield. First up is Scorbunny the fire rabbit Pokemon. Second is Sobble the water-lizard Pokemon. Finally, we have Grrokey the grass chimp Pokemon. Each of the starters was shown to have more personality than previous entries in the series during the reveal which is a fun touch.

Being a mainline game the gameplay has shifted back to the traditional Pokemon formula seen in past entries. Players will start their journeys with one of their new starters to beat gym leaders and become the regions champion. Along the way players will search through grass to encounter wild Pokemon to add to their team. Once encountered, players will battle the Pokemon to weaken them and then throw poke balls in an attempt to catch them.


I am glad the normal fight and capture mechanics have returned over the previous Pokemon Let’s Go games but I am sad to see the return of random encounters. Being able to see Pokemon populate the world brought so much more life to the franchise than past entries and I will be sad to see it go. I am also glad to see the return of traditional Gym battles over the Island challenges of Sun and Moon. So far Gen 8 looks awesome despite random battles, It will release later this year.


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