POKEMON UNITE One Year Anniversary Celebrates With New Updates

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The free-to-play, multiplayer arena game Pokémon UNITE continues celebrating its one-year anniversary with new free updates for the game. This comes with a new game mode, map, and more playable Pokémon!

Available as of today, ranked and standard UNITE battles will take place in the new Theia Sky Ruins, featuring revamped visuals and new wild Pokémon. Defeat Regieleki along the top path to gain an ally that will assist in shooting your opponent’s goals, whilst Regirock, Regice, or Registeel will appear at random on the bottom path. The effect gained by the team who defeat these three Pokémon will differ, allowing for battles to develop in new and varied ways.

Rayquaza will also appear in the middle of the arena during the last two minutes of battle and will grant a temporary shield to the team that defeats it. Whilst this shield is active, your attack power and goal-scoring speed will be increased, making scoring tries unblockable.

The first three Pokemon being added to the game, all within September, include Mew – who is available today, Dodrio on the 15th, and Scizor on the 29th. Additionally, in Mew’s Mural Challenge, players can collect six mural elements within the event period to get Mew’s Unite license for free.

Then, beginning later this month and lasting until mid-October, players will notice fan favorite characters appear at random in the Legacy Trainer Showdown and challenge you at the beginning of Unite battles. Players can also use Trainer battle tickets to take on Leon and his team!

If you Invite a friend to start playing Pokémon UNITE between September 15th and October 7th, both you and your friend will receive rewards! The player that invited a friend can get a random box which may contain Holowear tickets, Energy Boost tickets, or other rewards to further enhance their experience, whilst the invited friend can get Bonfire Style Holowear for Slowbro after using an invite code and winning a set number of ranked matches.

Pokémon UNITE is available free-to-play on Android devices, iOS, and Nintendo Switch.

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