Polaroid Camera Prints Your Pics and Posts Them on Instagram

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Polaroid Camera

The Socialmatic is a 14-megapixel camera that connects over Wi-Fi so you can post images to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. (It actually runs Android, so you can download other apps or browse the interwebs on its 4.5-inch touchscreen, too). It comes with a 2-megapixel selfie camera on the back, because humans are now incapable of turning cameras around to take photos of themselves. It’s also GPS- and Bluetooth-enabled.

Polaroid Camera

After you’ve futzed with your photos on its screen, the Socialmatic lets you print two by three-inch adhesive-backed photos you can stick on your wall, bedroom mirror, or Trapper Keeper. You’ll still have to resort to some other printing service if you want anything larger, but hey, at least you’ve got something you can share with friends in meatspace and it does feel like the original Polaroid, They should design one in original shape.

A Socialmatic with enough paper for 10 prints will cost you $300 through Photojojo; bump that to 110 for $344. You can buy a 25-pack of photo paper for $25, or two packs for $45.

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