Polaroid OneStep+ Instant Camera And Pricing Revealed

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Polaroid OneStep+ Instant Camera

The new OneStep+ is priced at $160 and is now available to purchase accepting either 600 or i-Type Film.

Inspired by the original OneStep camera from 1977, the Polaroid OneStep 2 and OneStep+ are analog instant cameras for the modern era. Features of the new instant camera include a double exposure mode allowing you to capture two photos in a single frame, light painting, remote trigger, noise trigger, self-timer, manual mode and portrait mode. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about than new Polaroid instant camera and it’s companion application that adds even more creativity to photography thanks to its Bluetooth connection.

“The OneStep+ is a new Polaroid instant camera with more ways to play. An evolution of the OneStep 2, the OneStep+ connects to the Polaroid Originals app via Bluetooth wireless technology, unlocking six creative tools. Discover double exposure and light painting features, plus next-level control with remote trigger and manual mode. A secondary portrait lens lets you get even closer to your subjects with even sharper photos, while a powerful flash and long-lasting rechargeable battery let you shoot anywhere, at any time. Well, as long as you have film”

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