Polaroid Zip Portable Pocket Printer 

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Polaroid Zip Portable Pocket Printer 

The Polaroid Zip is compatible with both Apple iOS and Android devices and is capable of printing 2 x 3-inch color photos, wirelessly using the Zip companion smartphone and tablet application.

Roughly the same size as a smartphone the Polaroid Zip pocket printer weighs just 186g and measures 2.91 x 4.72 inches in size and measures under one inch in thickness. Scott W. Hardy, President, and CEO of Polaroid explain:

“Instantly sharing life’s special moments is what Polaroid’s legacy and heritage are all about, ” said “Our smartphones are always with us and have become an important device consumer’s reach for to capture life’s most memorable moments.

Some photos are uploaded to social networks and shared with others digitally; however, there will always be a need to share and show actual “physical” photos.

The new Polaroid Zip pocket printer doesn’t just streamline and simplify the process it makes it as much fun as sharing an image online. That’s why we’re excited to bring the ‘updated” version of the Polaroid experience to a generation of consumers known for always being on-the-move.”

For more information on the new Polaroid Zip portable pocket printer jump over to the Polaroid website for details ahead of its launch during the spring of 2015.



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