Polaroid’s Mobile Printer Turns iPhone Photos into Cool Stickers

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Polaroid Mobile Printer

If you need a some cool stickers of your loved ones to put on your laptop, Polaroid just came up with a new gadget.

Polaroid revealed the release of its new Hi-Print mobile printer on Monday morning. To start, it’s available on Polaroid’s website for $99.99 with a 20-sheet printer cartridge costing $16.99 individually. You can also pay $129.99 for a starter set that comes with the printer and 40 sheets of paper. Best Buy and Amazon, will be selling it on Sept. 10.

Polaroid Mobile Printer

Hi-Print will be pretty simple. You connect to it via Bluetooth, choose and customize with filters, and personalized text what you want to print in an accompanying iOS or Android app. The pictures come out in the form of 2.3-inch by 3.4-inch photos, but with sticky backs, so you can stick them wherever you please. Polaroid says printing takes less than a minute and the photos will be water-resistant.

The battery is good for 20 prints before you require to charge it using a Micro-USB cable. It looks attractive to just print the first 20 photos you find in your photo library, but it costs $17 to get more sheets. If you can control yourself and afford the cost, Polaroid’s new mobile printer could be a great way to decorate your fridge.


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