Polyes Q1 SLA 3D Printing Pen

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Polyes Q1 SLA 3D Printing Pen

The Polyes Q1 SLA 3D Printing Pen has been specifically designed to require no heat to create SLA 3D printed objects and doesn’t require any software to be used. The 3D printing pen is powered by batteries and is capable of generating around one hour of printing from a fully charged set.

The 3D printing pen can be used with a variety of multicolored resins and no odors or harmful fumes are emitted from the pens while in use. Apparently, the resin is so cool on extrusion that the company says it is even safe to draw designs onto skin.

Once the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is live Future Make will be offering the first 100 backers a special early bird price of just $59 with three resins, providing a considerable reduction on the final retail price of $119 when the Kickstarter campaign finishes.

“With Polyes Q1, you can easily draw a car model without any software; you can design a fancy pattern on your iPhone’s shell; you can make a stylish gadget to decorate your wall or your desk or create series of cartoon characters,”

For more information on the new Polyes Q1 SLA 3D Printing Pen and its features watch the video below or jump over to the Future Make website for full specifications.



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