Pong Game is Now On The Apple Watch

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I am loving my Apple Watch even more, If you remember pong from the Atari days then there is a good news for you. Now you can enjoy the legendary game on your Apple Watch.

The iconic game provides the ability to compete with friends for scores via an arcade mode or the ability to try and beat your opponent in a Classic mode offering first of three matches.

Players control the Pong paddle using the responsive Digital Crown on the Apple Watch and the game supports Game Center integration as well as offering ten custom theme colours.

Matt Wiechec creator of the game explains: It is available for free with in-app purchases available to upgrade to the Classic mode for $.99.

A Tiny Game of Pong brings the classic ‘70s game to your Apple Watch. Compete with friends for high scores in endless arcade mode, or try to beat your opponent in a classic, first to three, match. Featuring: responsive Digital Crown controls, two unique game modes, Game Center integration, and ten custom theme colors; A Tiny Game of Pong is sure to bring back a little nostalgia to your heart.

Available free for a limited time, A Tiny Game of Pong plays standalone or while paired with an iPhone for added functionality. To get you started the free download features our fast paced arcade mode – an endless game with an unbeatable opponent. Last as long as you humanly can and you may take the top spot on our worldwide Game Center leaderboard.

For players who wish to purchase the in-app upgrade, they’ll unlock the classic playoff mode – one versus one against a stead fast AI opponent in a first to three match. Leaderboards are available here too, tallying your total wins. The in-app purchase also unlocks ten custom theme colors like red, green, or blue, to match the style and color of your Apple Watch band. As a bonus we’ll also present you with a Supporter Badge on our leaderboards as a thank you for supporting the games development.


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