PONG QUEST Looks Like a Classic Game But With a Twist

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Most have some amazing memories of playing Pong, King Kong, Mario, Moon Patrol, and so many other classic video games. Well, Chequered Ink and Atari have joined forces to release PONG Quest which takes Pong to a completely new level. Designed as a dungeon-crawling RPG, PONG Quest takes you on an adventure that lets you customize your paddle. You’ll also be able to play what seems to be Pong mixed with other classic games like Centipede. If you like retro games then you will love this for sure.

PONG Quest™ is a new take on the seminal arcade smash. Take control of a brave young paddle and traverse treacherous lands – each loosely based on various classic Atari® hits – in this uniquely PONG®-themed dungeon-crawling RPG.


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