Pool eSports Betting on MidBet – What is it an Why it’s so Revolutionary?

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Over the last 10 years, eSports has grown one of the quickest developing industries in the world. With games ranging from first-person shooters games to real-time strategy, and now including athletic sports games (NBA, FIFA, NFL), the class has exploded in demand. With major recent progress that could propel eSports even further – such as ESPN and the NFL – in connection with the possibility for eSports to be involved in the real Olympics, we believe it was time to delve into the nitty-gritty and reveal where it all started and where the class of game is headed in the next few years. So let’s get down to it, here’s GamenGadgets complete guide to eSports.

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If you are not familiar with MidBet here you will know about this amazing new portal which will accustom you to esports betting and virtual sports, Mid.Bet is a revolutionary new platform for pool betting, MidBet is pioneering the pool betting and creating a new category for eSports betting, You will get to know more about Mid Bet and how pool betting works in the article, but for now if you are into betting and want to try something new MidBet is a future coming fast.

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So you ask how Mid is making Esports betting popular and the answer is simple because technology and gaming are becoming a big part of our lives more and more every day, it’s expected to have matches in games that are entertained for it to be amazed by the talent of the biggest payers and see who is bigger and better than the rest of the group and gaming community is growing ever so quickly these days. Esports even has a few benefits over conventional sports. Mainly it can be bet on as well, below you will see some of the biggest benefits of esports.

Why eSports and eSports betting is so popular?

Here, we want to present you our 5 thoughts on how eSports became so popular:

1.     E-sports are for everyone!

Anyone can participate, practice, and become skilled, in theory, that should be the equivalent for sports but it is not at all. In most sports, you see specific physical qualities that are giving players an edge over other players or teams. In eSports, all you need is to start young and practise a lot so you can become good and you will at least have the possibility to be among the best players.

2.     Endless opportunities

There are countless possibilities in a cybersport that don’t exist in real life sports.  Many people think American football is a brilliant game ever but what if each player got to kept a special talent that would help them make marvelous plays? What if the refs were excellent and wouldn’t always make ridiculous calls or change rules or disrupt the game all the time? What if the players could start flying in the field? In eSports, you can adjust the game to anything you want it to be if there’s a difficulty you can fix it if there’s a more wonderful and fun way to lay the game you can improve it. That points to the most exciting and enjoyable competition.

3.     Popularity of gaming itself

Gaming itself has become extremely popular League of Legends is one of the popular games which is being played online and the tournament is being held for that. Cyber gaming is more popular than movies or music so even if only a fraction of people who play games are into eSports that’s still a big market just because the original amount of players who like to participate is so big.

4.     Dynamic evolution

Technology is continually changing and that helps eSports grow as well, the high-grade the graphics are on a game the more plausible it is that the mainstream public will not quickly be turned off by it. In theory, the graphics are not most important when it comes to entertainment a lot of people think some of the old retro games are better than the games we have today but when it comes to mainstream application graphics do matter a lot. It makes the game look more authentic, not just a group of people looking at a pixelated screen when you don’t even know what is happening.

5.     Betting on eSports

You can make eSports betting on online games and it is a growing market now, more and more people are betting on various sites and one of the most prominent ones is Mid, which is an online pool betting app exclusively created by gamers for gamers, MidBet is quite simple and straightforward and made betting quite easy and fun, these days Fortnite betting and on CS:GO is also in trend and there are many platforms just for that but MidBet makes it way more fun with their pool betting routine and easy to learn platform for the players.

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E-sports is entertaining that’s the main reason for its popularity. It will only continue evolving and become even grander in the coming future.


What is Mid and pool betting?

MidBet is an innovative online pool betting platform that is created by gamers for gamers, so it is quite user-friendly. Pool betting, it is a quite new trend and if you are not aware of it, let me explain it a bit: it’s when a player wages on one of the two, or in some cases, three results, for example on Navi-fnatic rival in a CSGO major tournament match.

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Platform finds all bets into two or three «pools» and if a player wins his bet, he gets a piece of the opposite pool in relation to the extent of his bet. This means players bet not against Mid, but players against each other while MidBet only takes a little amount of commission from each pool. On the website you can put your bet on every big e-sports discipline: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, Dota 2, LoL, Starcraft 2, Hearthstone, and many more. Also, here you can bet on the winner of the whole tournament.


Normal e-sports betting odds VS pool betting

In the last 5 years, eSports has taken the betting game to the next level. Fans from all around the world come to watch their favorite eSports teams rival against each other and place their bets on the tournament but the odds of winning in normal esports betting is quite slim against pool betting and I have to say it is a more fun way to bet than the regular esports betting, it is more fun and engaging for sure also, in pool betting you have better odds at winning opposite pools as I explained in pool betting earlier. It’s this type of hype and enthusiasm that makes eSports so popular among the younger generation and this is why pool betting will be the next best thing in gambling and in betting. Live streaming services such as Twitch and ESPN have also played a very vital role in the growth in popularity of eSports tournaments.


Find your rival – bet on Mid!

So all in all if you like to play against other players or make bets on your rival or on some rivalry and want to make some money in the process Midbet is the best platform just to do that, it is straightforward and you can place your bets on your favorite players easily, and it is safe to play. Right now the platform is expanding itself and we will see some more cool features really soon. Some of those features are gambling with in-game skin betting, user profiles, and much much more, so if you are planning to join the network I recommend you do it right now on Mid Bet.


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