Popular Team Building Activities and How They Benefit Your Employees

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Team Building Activities

In today’s world, job candidates aren’t just looking at the job when they interview with your company. They look at your company’s culture too. Since people spend 40 hours (or more) a week at the office, having a workplace they can enjoy coming to every day is essential.

So, how do you do that? By creating teams that are effective and good at what they do. By building relationships between employees and between employees and managers. Team building activities are a great way to build relationships while teaching important skills. Here are some popular activities to consider for your office and here are some popular activities to consider for your office.


Get employees outside of the office with team outings

Team outings are a great way to encourage bonding among your employees. Whether done during work hours or off-work time, there are many options to help your team bond and have a little fun as well.

One popular option for a team-building activity outside of the office is night outs at local places in the community. Escape rooms are becoming increasingly popular as they encourage people to work together to achieve one goal, just like at work. If you have a large group, break them up into teams before you go and see who can escape the fastest, or escape at all. Up the ante by having your teams compete against each other.

Let your employees showcase their creative side by going to a wine and canvas night. This is a unique way to get employees to bond. Plus, you don’t have to have a lot of artistic skills to participate. Employees may even discover talents they didn’t know their coworkers had.


Create a positive culture inside the office

Team building activities don’t just have to take place outside of the office. There are many ways you can help employees bond while at work. And, you’ll create a positive, employee-centered culture in the process.

Host a cook-off, like a soup or a burger grilling competition. Have members from each department vote on the best recipe, then nominate someone to be the chef. Then, have your managers and other impartial employees be the judges. This encourages teams to work together.

Make volunteering a part of your work culture. Have teams go out and volunteer together. They not only get an opportunity to bond but also work together to make your community a better place. Then, have them come back and share their experience with others. This activity also encourages communication and sharing between departments.


Use work training sessions as a time to bond

All companies have workplace development. It may be in the form of annual company meetings or departments going offsite to learn new skills. If you’ve ever been to training at work, you know most of them to have one thing in common: ice-breaking activities. These are great ways to get employees to learn more about each other.

Help people who don’t often work together to get to know one another by setting up a “speed dating” activity. Have employees share their names, what they do, and one surprising fact about them in one minute. Then, move to the next table.

You can also encourage teamwork amongst people who don’t work together by having them complete an activity together before you get started. Have teams race to complete a jigsaw puzzle or build a castle out of marshmallows and toothpicks. The first team done gets a prize. Or, the best castle wins.


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