Portable Firebox Camping Cook Kit

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Firebox lightweight portable fire released details of a new camping cook kit this week and it is called Firebox reform of the Firebox Ultra. Check out the demonstration video below to learn more about the outdoor cooking kit and the new product is now available to back via Kickstarter with early bird pledges available from just $10 and worldwide shipping expected to take place during March 2019.

Steve Despain, inventor and outdoor lover explains more about the motivation behind the lightweight outdoor cooking set.

“I wanted something simple, lightweight, compact and versatile enough to cook anything (as well as boil water for my coffee). I tried a bunch of different frypans and methods to cover them. At first, I just used foil, but found that cumbersome and unreliable. I tried a hard cover and realised that I could add hot coals on top to bake or roast… The Ultra Cook Kit was born! I knew I was onto something special and wanted every component optimised for maximum efficiency and performance. “

“Our premium pans are hard anodized inside and out so you get the cooking performance of aluminum’s excellent heat conducting properties yet your food is in contact with a highly conductive scratch resistant ceramic layer which tolerates very high temperatures and has the perfect micro structure to accept a seasoning. “

– 8″ Ultra Cook Kit – add-on $45 to your pledge amount
– 10″ Ultra Cook kit – add-on $55 to your pledge amount

Add as many as you want:

– 8″ Camp Plate – add-on $8 each to your pledge amount
– 8″ Cowboy Plate – add-on $9 each to your pledge amount
– 10″ Camp plate – add-on $11 each to your pledge amount
– 10″ Cowboy Plate – add-on $12 each to your pledge amount

Click the link below to know more about this awesome cooking set.


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