Portable SmartGuitar For All Your Travelling Music Need

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Portable SmartGuitar

The jamstik+ is a Bluetooth Smart enabled digital guitar with real strings & frets. It works with your iPad, iPhone or Mac & selects Android devices and a multitude of music apps, including an interactive guitar lesson app series, so everyone from beginners to pros can just play. You can also check out another great service for SoundCloud to mp3.

The jamstik+ interactive teaching apps walk you through your very first chords in minutes. Sensors in the jamstik+ work in tandem with the teaching apps to detect the placement of your fingers and display them on the screen of your device, giving you instant feedback with zero guesswork.

Already play guitar?

  • In addition to being the ideal portable practice tool, the jamstik+ is a fast and versatile MIDI controller compatible with hundreds of apps, so you can create virtually any sound you wish. You can build and record an entire song, from drums and keys to guitar and bass with just the jamstik+.

You can buy one from here.


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