Postmates Will Test The Delivery Robots in San Francisco

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Residents of San Francisco might see some Postmates delivery robots outside their homes soon. It looks like the food and groceries delivery service has got the first permit allowing sidewalk robotics operations in the city and the future is here for the SF.

Postmates started the robots in December and announced plans to send the robot to homes and offices in the city. You will be able to open its compartment with your phone or code and get your delivery with ease. The robot can carry up to 50 pounds of merchandise and it is good for 30 miles on a single charge.

This is not the first time San Francisco is going to see robots on the sidewalks. A few years ago, it was a testing ground for delivery robots for companies. But this stopped after the city limits their use on sidewalks, requiring companies to acquire approval first. Now San Fran is officially allowing a company to test delivery robots.

A Postmates spokesperson says, “We’ve been eager to work directly with cities to seek a collaborative and inclusive approach to robotic deployment that respects our public rights of way, includes community input, and allows cities to develop thoughtful regulatory regimes.”


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