Professional Coffee Bean Roaster For Smart Homes

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Professional Coffee Bean Roaster

Coffee lovers who would like to roast their own coffee beans at home will love this new smart coffee roaster which is called the Sandbox R2, it comes with its own smartphone application allowing you to set the time, power, and tweak the settings for flawless coffee roast.

Your Coffee, Your Choice! Roast your coffee in a simple way! We put a lot of effort into making the best home coffee beans roaster. Hope that everyone can enjoy their own coffee at home.”

Early bird pledges are now available for the project from $2020 or £1507.

“Are you thinking about the next step for your home café? Well-roasted beans are key to a good cup of coffee, but a professional coffee roaster is too big for home use and it’s hard to control the temperature while roasting, which means the quality is unpredictable. In 2021, our first Sandbox Smart product – R1 Coffee Roaster has successfully finished the campaign on Makuake in Japan, and Wadiz in Korea, we have pledged over USD 600,000. Now, we would like to announce our new product – R2 Coffee Roaster is coming soon, we can’t wait to share it with you!”

If the Sandbox crowdfunding campaign successfully got its required pledge goal and fulfillment progresses smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to take place around April 2022.

“Most home coffee roasters have a small capacity, so you might need to roast a batch every 2 to 3 days if you’re a big coffee drinker. Sandbox Smart R2 has a maximum capacity of up to 19.5 oz (550g)—more than the average bag of coffee beans—so you can roast a small batch for the day or enough for the month! Sandbox Smart R2 uses a quartz heating tube and detachable drum for even roasting, ensuring the best flavor and aroma in your coffee beans. Sandbox Smart R2’s heating mode is up to RoR 35, which lets you explore more roast levels and flavors!”

“The Sandbox Smart R2 features our patented design of an inlet door and output latch, which make it easier for you to pour in and release the beans. Are you still thinking about how to reduce the smoke from coffee roasting? Let Sandbox Smart R2 do it for you! The amount of smoke from R2 is lesser and if you match it up with our F1 smoke extractor, it will reduce the smoke to keep your home clean and smell fresh.”

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