Professional Gaming Video Editing Techniques You Need To Know

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Professional Gaming Video Editing Techniques

Looking to take your gaming video editing skills from the beginner level to that of a pro? Remember, becoming a good video editor is quite difficult. But with the right games video editor and with a bit of patience and practice, you will start editing like a professional in no time.

For those who want highly customized and finer outputs after their editing task, it would be a great idea to proceed with the techniques they need to know. Here are some of the most professional gaming video editing techniques one must know for becoming an expert video editor:


  1. Come Up with the Perfect Setting When Recording a Game Video

The screen recording procedure is what you need to pay attention to. When games do not run properly on systems, they produce top-quality videos and vice versa. The stutters and texture popups appearing in the games are directly sent to the video files during screen recording. These might be annoying for the viewers.

Hence, before even starting to play a game, it is important to make sure that the PC is working. It is also important to ensure that the computer can easily maintain a minimum of 1080p resolution with 60 frames per second.

Consistency also plays an important role in producing the best end results.


  1. Either Record Good Voice Comments or Get a Soundtrack

A good job is done if you have got the perfect setting for gameplay recording. Now what? Before progressing with the other techniques, you will have to pay attention to the audio. There is no need to worry about the audio part if you have made voice comments while recording the video.

However, if you want to create voiceovers, you need to do this separately. Not only this, but you will also have to ensure creating voiceovers either after or before editing the gaming video. Whatever path you are taking, it is always very important to choose proper background music.

The perfect background score and your video will be more engaging. Of course, you cannot just go about adding any music or audio to the gameplay. That’s because there are copyright issues.

Well, in that case, the best option would be to search for a good tune in the YouTube music library. Here all the tracks are available for free and are even royalty-free.


  1. Make the Right Color Adjustments

Making proper color adjustments for recorded gaming videos can make the videos more attention-grabbing and appealing. The different games’ video editor available in the market come with varied video effects to provide settings for brightness and contrast for the videos.

There are even tools that feature rapid color correctors. You can simply make over-saturation better and then check the previews for the changes you have made. The best is to use combinations of 20%/15% and 30%/20% for brightness and contrast settings. This way, you will be getting the finest details.


  1. Picking the Right Editing Tool Is Very Important

Now, this is a difficult step. Choosing the perfect editing tool is more like choosing the perfect car. As has already been said, the market is jam-packed with a large number of feature-rich editing tools.

They will all have their advantages and disadvantages along with exclusive and common features. So, depending on your preferences and taste, you can go for the one you think is better than the rest.

Experts believe that InVideo is one of the most popular and professional video editing tools presently available. InVideo is an affordable, quick, easy, and collaborative software with more than 4000 templates for creating videos. It can help users create the best of videos in just 10 minutes.


  1. Shortcuts: Get Hold of Them

Learning the different shortcuts on your keyboard is one of the best ways of streamlining the gaming video editing procedure. Imagine the situation where you know that the “L” button on your keyboard will speed up the playback.

Will it not be beneficial for you? It will cut down the time that will edit the video and give you instant output.


  1. Ramp the Video Up or Down

In gaming videos, speed ramping is a technique used in action sequences where characters or things need to be focused on in either fast or slow motion. This technique can even be used for finessing the video clips, so they fit together in a better way within the sequence.

For example, if there is a 3-second hole in the sequence and your video clip is 3.5 seconds in length, try ramping up the speed to perfect duration. This will make it a perfect fit.

Contrariwise, you can even slow down the speed if the gap is longer than the clip. The only thing you need to ensure is it appears realistic and is the perfect fit.


  1. Do Not Forget Effects and Transitions

Effects and transitions are the most interesting features important to be implemented in all gaming videos. Add impressive effects and transitions to different parts of a large game’s video file. This also helps in modifying the quality of the video.

The game videos that proceed with varied settings and speak of exclusive transitions effects and advanced filters naturally boost professionalism. The majority of offline and online video editing software programs come loaded with exclusive and special features.

The tools even have advanced editing effects and transitions to add an eye-catching appearance to game recordings.

Gaming is like a hot cake these days. Thus, there is no shortage of gaming videos online. Coming up with a top-quality gaming video requires having good hands-on editing techniques that make such videos attractive and quality-based. Now, it is not at all easy to be a pro at gaming video editing.

So, the best thing you can do is choose the right video editing tool but only through professional and expert recommendations. Always go for software that is sufficiently capable of supporting all major video file formats to offer the most impressive results.

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