Professor Einstein Is A Brilliant Educational Robot

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Einstein robot

The Einstein robot will live on your desk and do things for you and can be a brilliant companion, it can also teach you lots of topics of science, organize your schedule, play brain-teasing games or just have a conversation with you.

This 14.5-inch combination of education and fun is the first mainstream consumer product by Hanson Robotics, a Hong-Kong based company that is known for building humanoids with life-like expressions.

You can talk to the robot about the weather, famous people, and food. It communicates both online and offline. It uses natural language processing to keep up a conversation when connected to the cloud via WiFi. The company has used open-source APIs for speech recognition that can inform you about the weather and news updates. In the offline mode, the robot connects to the Stein-O-Matic app which will entertain you with different audio-visual activities.

The Mini Einstein can move on a flat surface using infrared sensors to make sure it does not walk off the table. Behind the professor’s black tie is a camera that picks up the movements of the face in front of it to be able to hold a human-like conversation by maintaining eye contact using the computer vision ‘blob detection’ technique.

The bot is rechargeable, and the batteries last a 3-hour interaction, once fully charged.

The robot designed for ages 13 and older brings Einstein to the digital age with all the little details. Capable of showing dozens of expressions along with other human-like features. The robot can be preordered only for  $249 which will go up to $299 once the early bird deals end. You can fund the Kickstarter campaign here.



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