Project CARS New Update Brings Enahnced Oculus Rift VR Support

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Project CARS

Project CARS developers Slightly Mad Studios have released the new Project CARS update 2.0 that brings with it more enhanced support for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset together with a 5 percent frame rate improvement when using Ultra settings on PC.

Slightly Mad Studios has also tweaked the Xbox One version to now provide up to 17 percent frame rate improvement in extreme conditions.

New features for the Oculus Rift include Oculus SDK support, as well as the addition of support for positional tracking in non-helmet player camera views. The implemented initial menus and HUD support, auto reset player view position at the start of a race, and the disabling of all non-VR-friendly scripted pre-race camera sequences. Slightly Mad Studios explains :

The patch is not yet finalized and is still in testing, meaning that some of this may still change. I will post up the final list, or confirm that this one is final, as soon as the fixes are all confirmed and the patch is in final submission.

We want to get this posted up so that you all are aware of the fixes being addressed in this patch. We are investigating and fixing all reported issues, so if there is an issue that you don’t see in this list, please don’t post “Where is the fix for this issue?” style questions in this thread. There are dedicated threads in other areas on the forum where you can post and discuss other issues. Please keep discussions in this thread to issues mentioned in the list below.

Finally, please be aware that this patch is not yet in submission with Microsoft and Sony, so we are most likely looking at a few weeks before it will be released. We will post the final release dates as soon as we have them.

Slightly Mad Studios late last month also announced the development of the new Project CARS 2 game that will be launched sometime during next year. For more details on the latest Project CARS Patch 2.0 Release Notes jump over to the official forum for a full list of everything that has been tweaked and included in this major update.

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