Project Legion Announced

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Project Legion Announced
CCP Games (Crowd Control Productions) revealed Project Legion, an upcoming first-person shooter for the PC similar to Dust 514.The massively multiplayer online (MMO) game will be free-to-play and it is an all-new game that builds on elements of its PS3 predecessor DUST 514, which released in 2013.“It’s still very early, it’s been a few months the team in Shanghai has worked on it, and the idea is to really deliver on that vision, very much on that same vision, but there were a few pillars that were really important.More of a sandbox experience, more true to Eve, as an example, than necessarily Dust,” Dust 514 exec producer Jean-Charles Gaudechon told Polygon. Charles adds, “Progression right now is very skill based. It’s going to become more gear based. It might makes it way to PlayStation 4, but at the moment the team is focused on making the best experience possible on the PC.

Its more of a concept rather than a game, which will be pushed towards full production. “We’re still in project stage, we’re very much in the stage of sharing with the community, very CCP style, to get feedback.

If the community doesn’t react well… more importantly they will help us shape the right product. It’s still in the project phase,” he concluded.

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