Prong iPhone 6/6s Power Battery Case

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iPhone 6/6s Power Battery Case

The Prong PWR case does something that no other case on the market does:

1. It has built-in plugs so you never need to carry a card and/or a charger

2. The battery detaches from the protective inner case so you can recharge your battery while your phone stays with you, protected.

Here are some other features of the PWR Case and a video explaining the product:

    • 2600 MaH Battery gives you 1 full charge to your iPhone 6/6s
    • MicroUSB port allows for cabled charging in a car or at your desk
    • The protective inner case so your iPhone is protected when you don’t need the extra battery or are recharging it
    • Packaging includes an Audio adapter for your headphones and a MicroUSB cable

iPhone 6/6s Power Battery Case iPhone 6/6s Power Battery Case

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