Pros And Cons of Mobile Gambling in 2022

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As everyone knows, online gambling is booming. Until a few years ago, it was the desktop versions that helped the online gambling market to its meteoric rise. In the meantime, mobile gambling on smartphones and tablets has taken the lead and is the strongest driving force behind the ongoing online casino boom.

Thanks to HTML5, fast mobile internet and increasingly high-quality smartphone displays, mobile casino fun is in no way inferior to desktop gambling – claim the operators.

But is online casino mobile real money play now really just as good? What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile gambling in 2022?


Goodbye boredom: the casino in your pocket

The most obvious advantage of mobile casinos is, of course, that you always have your smartphone with you. So you carry all your favorite games around in your pocket. A little game during your lunch break or a few spins at the bus stop. And who knows, maybe you’ll hit the jackpot while waiting for the bus….


Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Or during your lunch break, while all your colleagues are boredly sipping their coffee, you suddenly jump up and start cheering!

Exactly these short games in between are another advantage of the mobile casino. For example, since there is only limited time available during breaks or while waiting for the bus or train, you also can’t fall into an eternally long gaming session where you forget the time.


Short sessions for more self-control

Especially for players who have a hard time stopping a game once they have started it, such small games in between sessions are a good way of self-control.

This is even more important to know because one of the disadvantages of mobile casinos is the increased risk of gambling addiction – because it is always with you wherever you are. It is all the more important to know that gambling in such time-limited situations as a lunch break or waiting for a train is a good middle ground.

Another advantage is that in addition to classic casino games, in a mobile casino you can use sports betting, bingo and the like. Here mobile casinos are in no way inferior to their desktop counterparts. 

Moreover, most mobile casinos offer no deposit bonus codes to their Canadian players. Casino games, slots, sports betting and lottery are more than just a pastime.


Anticipation is the best joy

Because all of these games of chance offer you something that no other game in the world can: Hope and anticipation. Anticipation of the next big win, anticipation of the next small win, and anticipation of the next lucky streak.

And mobile casinos offers you the chance to rekindle that feeling of anticipation over and over again – with a simple reach into your pocket. Candy Crush can’t do that.


Do not disturb

One disadvantage of the mobile casino is, of course, that you can be distracted from your gaming enjoyment more quickly, for example, by incoming Direct messages or a phone call. This may still be tolerable if you are just relaxed playing in a slot machine.

But if you are highly concentrated in a poker or blackjack duel, such a call can be really annoying.

Therefore, it is advisable to play live games that require your full attention on your laptop. And turn off your cell phone for this period or at least set it to silent.

If you prefer to play live casino games from your sofa at home, you can also switch your smartphone to flight mode – and then reactivate the WLAN in your smartphone. Now you have an active WLAN connection, but cannot be disturbed by calls.

Playing slots comfortably on the sofa is another advantage of the mobile casino. The smartphone benefits from the fact that it is particularly handy. And yet, thanks to large buttons, operation is now simple and convenient. All other functions and information are also arranged in such a way that casino use with the smartphone is trouble-free.


Old slots

The only drawback here can be your older slot games. Some older slots have not yet been updated in terms of usability and therefore still have somewhat unusually small controls. Also, the paytable and other relevant information can still be found there in small font. Well-known older slots, which are still played frequently, have been largely converted to the modern user interface by the providers. 

In case of doubt, just try the slot once, then you will see if it already has the operating elements of newer slot machines. Even among online casinos, there are still some where the mobile performance does not match that of the desktop version. However, this does not affect the games of the online casino, but usually rather the clarity of the casino app.

Mobile casinos have caught up to their desktop siblings and that mobile gaming has many advantages over desktop. Provided you can do without the size of a computer screen, mobile gaming is in no way inferior to desktop gaming.

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