PS Plus Essential July 2023 Lineup Revealed

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The highly anticipated PS Plus Essential July 2023 lineup has been unveiled, and it’s nothing short of thrilling for gaming enthusiasts. As per the usual tradition, subscribers will have access to three remarkable games throughout the month, from July 4th until July 31st. Brace yourself for an exhilarating gaming experience with the inclusion of Alan Wake Remastered, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and Endling – Extinction is Forever.

First up is Alan Wake Remastered, a captivating title that takes players on a gripping psychological journey. Remastered with stunning visuals and enhanced gameplay, this critically acclaimed game immerses you in the eerie atmosphere of Bright Falls, a small town haunted by dark secrets. Uncover the truth behind the enigmatic disappearance of writer Alan Wake’s wife while battling supernatural forces that lurk in the shadows. With its compelling narrative and intense action, Alan Wake Remastered promises to keep players on the edge of their seats.

Next on the lineup is none other than Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, an adrenaline-fueled first-person shooter that needs no introduction. Step into the boots of elite operatives during the tense Cold War era and engage in thrilling covert missions across the globe. From heart-pounding firefights to high-stakes espionage, Black Ops Cold War delivers an action-packed multiplayer experience, an engaging campaign, and the popular Zombies mode. Prepare to test your skills and immerse yourself in the intense multiplayer battles that have made the Call of Duty franchise a fan favorite for years.

Completing the trio is Endling – Extinction is Forever, a unique and thought-provoking indie game that explores the delicate balance between humanity and the environment. In this atmospheric adventure, you assume the role of the last fox on Earth, struggling to survive in a world on the brink of destruction. Navigate treacherous environments, solve puzzles, and evade human threats as you embark on an emotional journey to protect your family and preserve your species. Endling offers a poignant narrative and stunning visuals, reminding players of the importance of environmental conservation.

With such an impressive lineup, July 2023 is set to be an extraordinary month for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Whether you enjoy psychological thrills, intense multiplayer battles, or poignant storytelling, these three games provide a diverse range of experiences that cater to different gaming preferences. So mark your calendars, prepare your controllers, and get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating worlds of Alan Wake Remastered, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and Endling – Extinction is Forever.

Here are the PS Plus Essential July 2023 games

Alan Wake Remastered will be available for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. This is a 2021 remaster of the 2010 cult classic thriller that was revered for its narrative, and it marked the series’ true debut on PlayStation. This re-release includes the DLC, but is mostly the same game, as Remedy Entertainment didn’t want to overhaul the gameplay because it would have cascading effectsThis remaster was also slightly changed to have ties to Control, Remedy’s other series. Alan Wake 2 is also coming on October 17, giving players plenty of time to catch up.. The visuals, however, have seen bumps in quality, but have retained the original’s style.


Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the highly anticipated second installment in the Black Ops series, made its way to both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, offering an immersive gaming experience to players across platforms. Released in 2020, this title took a nostalgic approach by delving into the past while incorporating thrilling elements such as zombies, multiplayer battles, a captivating campaign, and even a retro arcade mode.

However, opinions about Black Ops Cold War have been somewhat divided among gamers. With a rating of 75 on OpenCritic, it’s clear that the game sparked a range of reactions from the gaming community. Some players lauded its engaging storyline and innovative gameplay, while others had mixed feelings about certain aspects of the game.

One notable aspect that caught the attention of players was the sheer size of the game. To indulge in the complete Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War experience, gamers were required to make significant storage space on their consoles. Specifically, the game occupied a substantial 166GB on the PlayStation 4, while the next-generation PlayStation 5 demanded a staggering 255GB if players chose to install the entire game. It’s worth mentioning that this installation process followed a modular approach, where players had to download various modes separately, further adding to the storage requirements.

Despite the mixed reviews and the storage challenges it presented, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War succeeded in delivering intense gameplay, captivating narratives, and an array of multiplayer options to satisfy the cravings of avid gamers. Whether players chose to embark on a thrilling campaign, test their skills in online battles, or even relish the nostalgic arcade mode, this title ensured an immersive and action-packed experience that kept players engaged for hours on end.


Endling – Extinction is Forever, the highly anticipated third title for both PS4 and PS5 users, stands out as a captivating yet compact gaming experience. This remarkable creation takes the form of a visually stunning 3D side-scroller, immersing players in the heartwarming journey of a mother fox and her adorable pups. Despite its diminutive size, this game has managed to make a significant impact within the gaming community.

Endling received a warm reception, boasting an average score of 79 on the reputable review aggregator, OpenCritic. This favorable rating is a testament to the game’s well-crafted narrative and engaging gameplay mechanics. While it may not be the most expansive title on the market, it certainly captivates players with its concise yet meaningful storytelling.

Interestingly, Endling has garnered attention from trophy hunters due to its commendable completion rate on PSNProfiles. This suggests that the game offers a welcoming environment for those seeking to unlock achievements and collect trophies. The satisfaction of accomplishing various in-game challenges and fully exploring the rich world of Endling has undoubtedly attracted a dedicated following of trophy hunters.

In a twist of events that seems to be increasingly common, the game lineup for PS Plus subscribers was leaked prior to its official announcement. Thanks to the astute observations of Dealabs user billbil-kun, known for their accurate leaks in the past, PlayStation enthusiasts were given a tantalizing sneak peek into what awaited them in the upcoming month. Such leaks fuel excitement and speculation within the gaming community, generating buzz and setting the stage for eager anticipation.

Endling – Extinction is Forever, with its poignant narrative, charming characters, and immersive gameplay, stands as a testament to the notion that size does not always equate to impact. This bite-sized adventure leaves a lasting impression, reminding players of the delicate balance between humanity and nature, while igniting a sense of responsibility for the preservation of our precious ecosystems.

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