PS Plus November 2019: New Free PS4 Games Revealed

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November 2019 free games list for PlayStation Plus subscribers have been released, and it’s one of the biggest months in a while. Subscribers will get the action game Nioh as well as the horror game Outlast 2.

Nioh is based in fictional feudal Japan and you will be playing as William Adams who–in-game and in real life–is the first Western samurai. Its gameplay is very similar to the Dark Souls series, with exciting combat, enormous open levels, and bosses that will likely fight you.

Gigantic bosses can cause fear, but the next PS Plus game encourages pure terror. Outlast 2 is a first-person trek through one horrifying area after another. After a helicopter disaster, your wife goes missing in a frightful remote region that’s packed of disfigured cultists looking to kill anyone they find. Provided with your trusty camcorder, you must use its night-vision and recording function to evade, survive, and save your wife.

Both of the games will come to the PS Plus lineup on November 5.

There is still some time left for October’s PlayStation Plus games, so if you haven’t got the free games for this month, then make sure to do so before time ends. The Last of Us Remastered and MLB The Show 19 are available to claim until November 5.

PS Plus free games for September 2019

Available November 5 – December 3

  • Nioh
  • Outlast 2

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