PS2 Themed Black PS5 Release Date Revealed

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PS2 Themed Black PS5

Gamers have been longing for a black PS5 ever since Sony first unveiled the divisive two-tone design of the all-new PlayStation 5, and it looks like now fans will get a black PS5.

A black retro-inspired PS5 console and DualSense controller will be available on sale on January 8, and it is scheduled for shipping in late spring 2021. The design mirrors the look of the famous PS2, which was the best-selling PlayStation console to date with 155 million units sold worldwide.

The striking makeover is being handled by the SUP3R5 team and isn’t officially connected with Sony.

It is also a limited edition that has only 304 units, so if you want one, you need to be lucky or have a very large chunk of change. Why only 304 units? Well, it’s obviously a throwback to when the PS2 was originally released: 03/04/00. If you only want the DualSense controller, you might have a greater chance as there are 500 units that are available for sale.

SUP3R5 has announced that orders will open at 3 pm EST / 12 pm PT / 8 pm BST on January 8. Set a reminder if you want to get one.

This newly designed PS5 is not cheap as well. You’ll have to pay a premium of $99 for the DualSense controller and $649 for the PS5 console (which sells for $499). When you compare it to a super shiny gold PS5 which will cost you $10,000.

It is also a huge risk when you order a PS5 or DualSense controller from SUP3R5. Sony might also ban the console before the console is actually shipped, as it already shut down a store that was selling custom PS5 faceplates.


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