PS5 a New Gaming Trend

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Our culture has been defined along with history by the development of different kinds of leisure activities, be they hobbies, rituals, sports, etc. Thanks to the constant evolution of technology, these activities have become available from basically every part of the world. No other trend better exemplifies this change than gaming, for some a profession and for others a hobby. Gaming has become part of the mainstream media all over the world. eSports are a current reality, and with each passing year, new consoles and video games open up a world of opportunities. Today, let’s delve a bit deeper into the world of gaming, the warriors that represent the eSport community, and a console that has taken the spotlight in the console wars, the PS5.


PS5 a New Gaming Trend

Ever since the birth of Sony’s PlayStation in December 1994, Nintendo found one tough opponent in the console wars, which up until that point was won mainly by Nintendo. Time passed and these titans would release their new console every few years to push the war in their favor. With the addition of Microsoft’s Xbox, the war was soon divided into three fronts. The tug of war between the three companies has been at a constant change for many years, yet since 2019, Sony’s new baby has garnered the top spot in this generation of consoles. The question is, what gives the PS5 an edge over Microsoft’s “world’s most powerful console”?

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PS5 vs Xbox Series X

While the hype was great for both consoles once their companies gave them a release date, the PS5 has shown over the past couple of years that this generation’s cup goes to Sony, due to several hardware, software, and exclusivity issues that have lowered Xbox Series X standing.



Even though Microsoft promised the world’s most powerful console on their newest release, the console strays far from being so, as the PS5 tends to run games more smoothly than the Series X, an example being Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s performance on both consoles. Though both may run at 60 fps, Xbox Series X tends to drop the frame rate and cause more dipping than the PS5.



One thing Sony did extremely well this time around was marketing. Not only did they create enormous amounts of hype for their new console, but they also gave exclusive release features. More importantly, Sony delivered on their word for the quality and power of their console.


Exclusivity and Preference

Sony owns exclusivity on some of the most famous and popular titles in the gaming world. God of War, The Last of Us, and Bloodborne are a few of the many titles Sony has at their exclusive disposal. This has caused the Playstation series of consoles to become more popular around the globe.

We have talked about one of the topics that gather us today, yet now is time to tackle the sporty side of gaming, eSports.


Virtual Sports, a Reality?

With audiences as large as ‘real’ sports, eSports have slowly but surely become a staple of the modern sports landscape. Leagues such as the MLG (Major League Gaming) are forming the base of the USA professional gaming stage. eSports are slowly being recognized as legitimate sports by even members of the International Olympic Committee in recent years. Plans are forming to include some eSports in the Summer Games of the future. The eSports being discussed include virtual auto racing, baseball, etc rowing, sailing, and cycling. Yet the main titles in the professional gaming world such as “League of Legends” or “DOTA 2” are still being mulled over by the IOC, due to their focus on violence and assassination of their opponents.


eSports World Cups

Although not included at the Olympic table, professional gaming has created and held its very own world cups. The League of Legends Worlds Tournament is one of the most viewed professional gaming competitions ever. The organizers have embraced the pageantry of sports and even created opening and closing ceremonies for these events. These ceremonies mirror the great ones of the Olympics and other tournaments. They are full of technological magic and live performances that hypnotize the audience. These tournaments’ popularity has surprised the world due to their fast-growing audiences.


Gaming in the Future

China has been the first to recognize professional gaming as a legitimate profession. Over 100,000 professional gamers have registered as of July 2019. The International Olympic Committee has recognized them as a legitimate sporting activity and professional players have received awards reserved exclusively for internationally recognized athletes. The possible inclusion of virtual sports in the Summer Olympics shows how far gaming has come. From humble beginnings just a few years ago, eSports look to have an incredibly bright and entertaining future.

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