PS5 DualSense Edge Controller Release Date Revealed

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PS5 DualSense Edge Controller

Sony has confirmed that its DualSense Edge wireless controller will launch on January 26 with a retail price of $200. The highly customizable controller comes out worldwide next year, and preorders will start on October 25 at select retailers.

The DualSense Edge is designed to be a premium version of the regular DualSense controller that comes packaged with PS5 consoles, similar to Microsoft’s Xbox Elite controller. It has all of the haptic feedback and adaptive trigger features that you’d expect.

It has software-based personalization options, button remapping, fine-tuning features for setting stick sensitivity and triggers, and options to swap between numerous control profiles. There’s even an on-controller user interface for that added touch of personalization.

The controller comes with three changeable sets of stick caps, two changeable sets of back buttons, and a carrying case that has room for you to charge the device via a USB-C connection.

The complete DualSense Edge package.

If you love the design of the normal DualSense controller, you can also grab a limited-edition God of War: Ragnarok version for $75, just in time for the coming back to Kratos. Provided that your local retailer hasn’t sold out of stock, as that controller has fast sold out online.

If you want a pro-style PS5 controller with offset sticks, Victrix is releasing an officially licensed controller for $180 this year, which features a big focus on modular customization.

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