PS5 Spider-Man Miles Morales Special Edition Console is Gorgeous

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PS5 Spider-Man Miles Morales Special Edition (2)

Sony PS5 will be hitting store shelves next month, with gamers the world over trying to get a PS5 on pre-order so that they can play gorgeous PS5 games like Spider-Man Miles Morales on day one.

Spider-Man Miles Morales special edition console, a brand new video has just been published that revealed a simply stunning Spider-Man Miles Morales Limited Edition console. Check out the video below.

The Spider-Man Miles Morales PS5 console is the creation of concept artist Giuseppe Spinelli, who has made this cool and jaw-dropping system for tech website LetsGoDigital.

Spinelli was inspired by the previously released Spider-Man PS5 Pro console but then take it a step higher adorning it with a shiny web decal and a huge embossed red spider in its center.

This black and red colorway is inspired by Miles Morales’ Spider-Man costume and, with the scheme also carried through to the console’s LED lighting around its air vents.

Spinelli also comes with a PS5 DualSense controller with a cool new design, with a black finish and red spider web joined by a “Be Yourself” slogan on the controller’s touchpad.

PS5 special edition concept design looks simply amazing and our only regret is that it is not yet a real product which we can go and just buy. Let’s hope it becomes a reality soon.

PS5 Spider-Man Miles Morales Special Edition (2) PS5 Spider-Man Miles Morales Special Edition (2)


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