PS5 Vs. Xbox Series X – Which Comes Out On Top?

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PS5 Vs. Xbox Series X

The Playstation vs Xbox debate has been going on for a while but it’s entering a higher intensity with new generations due to be released around the same time. Playstation seems to be winning with the bigger stake in the market at the moment but that doesn’t mean it’s unconquerable by its rival Xbox. The battle is set for late 2020. Could the new releases – PS5 and Xbox Series X – change everything?

Both the new consoles look sleek but we need to know what’s going on inside too. Not many details are out yet of what we can expect from the new releases, making it harder to accurately pit them against each other. It seems like they will have a similar price tag (around £500 so quite the gaming investment) and similar processing capabilities.

Details on what games will be available are also incomplete. The exclusives that have been announced for PS5 include, Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Horizon II: Forbidden West. On the other side, Xbox has the exclusives Halo Infinite and Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2. Whether on Xbox or Playstation, many of the video games available have included gambling minigames. These add to the story arc and progression of the game. If you are interested in gambling games outside of gameplay, you can find a no-account casino list by onlinecasinohex online.

From what we know so far, Sony is committed to enhancing the gaming experience. PS5 will use Tempest Engine for its audio, producing a more realistic soundtrack. Sony has been praising its new audio system, claiming that, especially with headphones, it will provide a high standard immersive experience. The new console will not only support 4K screens which are already above the normal 1080p HD most people have, but it will bring its gaming experience to 8K screens. Sony is pushing the gaming experience to a new level, even if it is a level many of us don’t have access to.

At 120Hz refresh rates, it will provide a smooth gaming movement. With 825GB of storage with a raw 5.5GB/s, the development in the specification is clear. So is their development of the controller. Replacing DualShock with DualSense, the new controller complements the smooth new design. The PS5 controller seems to be focused on maintaining full engagement in the game because the haptic technology used replicates genuine touch sensations.

Considering what information has been released, the new generation of Xbox will have the upper hand when it comes to ability and power. It will be four times more powerful than Xbox One X which has impressive specifications itself. They are promising a quick resume feature to end long loading times. Many of the new specifications hold up to the PS5 standard with 8K resolution available and 120Hz refresh rates. Xbox has added to the design of its controller too with textured bumpers and triggers.

What stands out between the two is Xbox’s dedication to its backlog with its disk drive still included. The new release will be compatible with Xbox One’s hardware accessories, meaning you won’t have to spend more on top of the purchase price which is expected to be high. It has been rumored that Xbox could bring already existing games up to the level that Xbox Series X will provide. They are tempting existing Xbox users to stay loyal and enjoy the improvements to the console. While reinvesting in the new generation of Xbox, it doesn’t seem like you will have to do much more reinvesting in games if they are leveling up existing ones.

It’s hard to tell who will come out on top until the consoles have actually been released, especially when Sony and Microsoft are playing chicken when it comes to price, release dates, and other details. It could come down to what it often does – what games do you want to play? Every franchise has its loyal fans who are stubborn to change their commitment. Do you insist on the highest quality technological advances or do you have other priorities? Considering what is known in the gaming community at the moment, the title of the most popular games console is in both of their reaches.

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