PS5 Will Have Backwards Compatibility With Old Games

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Colorware PlayStation 4 Pro Retro

The PS5 has to be officially announced yet but there are already tonnes of rumors circling its capabilities, specs and other upcoming features. One key point of the new console has been backwards compatibility a feature that is lacking on the PS4 outside of a few emulated PS2 games and the streaming service PlayStation Now. While both of these solutions have worked, neither has been very perfect for gamers with libraries of past PlayStation games as each method needed spending money on an already owned game.

But, a new patent has surfaced showing that Sony is working on backwards compatibility for its the new PS5 console. Now backwards compatibility for PS4 games was always going to be a must on the PS5 mainly with how similar system architecture will be moving forward. However, the patent also proposes that the upcoming console will play games from every past PlayStation console ever made! Also according to the patent, the new option is being spearheaded by the PS4’s lead designer Mark Cerny.

“In order to facilitate backward compatibility, a computing device may be configured to return information about a processor different from a processor on a computing device to a call from an application to information about a processor on a computing device You may respond.”

The feature has been unbelievable on Xbox One and I used it a ton in the past on my original Launch PS3 before it bit the dust…. If I could have one request though, Sony, don’t make us pay for games we own again!


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