PSVR Exclusive Horror Game DO NOT OPEN New Teaser is Here!

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Do Not Open is another new PSVR exclusive horror game being developed at Quasar Interactive. The game looks set to connect classic horror ingredients with those of an escape room to bring gamers a truly unique experience. Assuming the role of zoologist Michael J. Goreng, players will have to work a number of puzzles and face an unknown paranormal threat in an effort to escape from your own home while also saving wife and daughter.

Key features for Do Not Open include:

  • Experience an interactive escape room. Solve riddles and puzzles to escape from this nightmare and unravel its secrets.

  • Beware of an evil presence lurking in the shadows. Think fast and don’t take too long to solve the puzzles and choose wisely. A dark entity is watching you…

  • Play a different game every time. There are no save points. The rooms of the house will change every time you play depicting Alan’s disturbed mind.

From the premise, it seems like Quasar could have a genuine game for horror fans! Be sure to give the trailer below a watch and stay tuned for more news on Do Not Open as it gets announced!


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