PSVR USers Can Now Feel The Madness In LAYERS OF FEAR VR

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Check out the best psychological horror games available for the VR audience possible, Bloober Team has officially released Layers of Fear VR on the PlayStation VR! This game was originally hit the stores in 2020 for the PC VR, but now the enhanced version of their 2016 horror hit game is available on a VR gaming headset.

Take control of a painter trying to finish his Magnum Opus. Uncover visions, fears, and horrors that weave the painter while exploring the depths of an ever-changing Victorian mansion furnished with macabre artwork. Unwind secrets through intertwined puzzles, while the psychological horrors embedded deep within the game will leave you questioning your own eyes and mind. Dare you help paint a true masterpiece of fear?

Even players who have played through the original title, Layers of Fear, will be able to enjoy a new way to experience fear through this game’s madness. The game was redesigned with VR in mind for higher interactivity and immersion.

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