PUBG eSports: Features and Bets

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The world of eSports is a clear trend with some of the best battle royale competitions. Besides offering a fun and exciting thrill, it also offers betting opportunities for netizens. It is no wonder many punters are beginning to join the bandwagon at amelhorcasadeaposta to enjoy the best eSports betting experience.

PUBG, fully known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is a major eSports storming the internet with exceptional gaming experience. Not only does it feature an exciting battle royale, but it comes with several gaming options to thrill online players. And now that it is a world-class eSports game, it is important to understand what it is all about.


What Is PUBG?

PUBG is a classic battle royale game with over 20 million players. Just like other legacy BR specialties, including Fortnite, Call of Duty, and CS: GO, PUBG is starting to make it to the top. Its increased activity among netizens has made this option a key title to both the betting and the entertainment environment.

One of the biggest drives to PUBG’s success is the availability of mobile versions. There is no need to start searching for the perfect device. The developers have made these gaming options available across all mobile platforms possible. All you need to do is connect to the internet, download the software, and start playing.

PUBG Mobile

For a game that started with desktop playability, PUBG has evolved to a realistic mobile version. It is now available for gameplay across a variety of mobile devices and doesn’t need the most powerful device. In addition to this, it is free to play and comes with easy control.


Game Progress

For all lovers of BR gaming titles, PUBG is exactly what you expect from a more realistic Battle Royale competition. Its main plot involves a simulation where planes from different angles drop each player at a survival location. Not to mention, it has a map, showing important arenas and their venues in the game, including where the loot is randomly hidden.

The best part of this option is that you get the chance to choose between playing alone or in a team. Individually, you can play PUBG for yourself and battle AI participants for rewards. In the multiplayer game, you can play with a team of other real-life players, where you can all work together and battle to become winners.


PUBG Game Features

PUBG is a perfect mobile spot for lovers of shooting games who want to enjoy a better BR experience. What’s even more fascinating about this title is its amazing mobile accessibility with a lot of features to deliver the perfect Battle Royale gaming. Some of these features include:

Multiple Players

The fact that PUBG accepts a lot of players to come together in a battle is pure entertainment. In detail, it allows up to 100 players from all parts of the world to connect and participate in battles. At the start of these battles, a random airplane goes around and drops each player simultaneously.

All Players Start The Same Way

If you think there is a special edition of PUBG Mobile giving some players a better start, that is wrong. At the beginning of the game, every player starts the same way with the same conditions.

Environment Shrinks

As you compete to play across different locations in the game, the whole arena will start shrinking. Players or teams will start losing, so over time, the entire playing area starts narrowing to simpler space.



Thanks to the rapid development of the betting industry, PUBG is starting to feature in some of the best sports bookies. Do you know what this means? This is a big opportunity for punters to start placing real money wagers on different PUBG tournaments. Whether it will be fun or for money, here are some prominent PUBG tournaments to watch out for:

  • PUBG Global Series
  • PUBG Challenger Rumble
  • Weekly Series
  • Regional Series, eg, Japan and Thailand Championship.
  • PUBG Champions League
  • EMEA Championship Spring
  • Master League
  • Americas Series
  • Super Cup
  • The Rotation


Varieties of Bets on PUBG

Just like the good numbers of PUBG tournaments online, there are a variety of wagers you will be able to make. If you play at a reliable and popular eSports betting brand, here are some nice bet types for PUBG:

  • Total Kills: Place a bet on the number of kills you think a player will attain.
  • Tournament Winner: If you have the tournament winner in mind, this bet is right for you.
  • Getting To The Top: Wager on an underdog player you assume has the skill to battle for a position at the top spot.
  • Last Hero: Gamble your money on who you think will be the last hero of a tournament.

PUBG is an exciting BR game with plenty of options for both gamers and punters. For gamers, it might be the most realistic version of Battle Royale entertainment for you. Punters can also get the best betting markets on PUBG games at a reliable site. Do as you please and enjoy. Wink!

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