PUBG is Adding Cross-Play On Xbox One And PS4

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Miramar Map

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds developer PUBG Corp. released some brilliant news during Microsoft’s pre-Gamescom episode of Inside Xbox. They also released a trailer for the game’s upcoming Season 4 update, which is set to start off soon on Xbox One following its PC release, the studio unveiled that it is working on executing a highly requested feature: cross-play on consoles–and it will be available soon.

According to PUBG Corp., cross-platform play will be allowed on the game’s test server in September, with a live release expected to follow in October. Once the feature is completed, players on Xbox One will be able to get into matches in the famous battle royale game with those on PS4.

“Our first goal with the cross-platform play was for 100 players from both console communities to be able to play in the same match,” PUBG Corp. community manager Cecillia Lee wrote in an Xbox Wire post. “Our second goal was to improve our matchmaking times, which we expect to be shorter due to the wider matchmaking pool.”

There was no official news if cross-play will eventually be spread to add PC players as well, but this is nonetheless a vital step for the game and a further sign that Sony is loosening its traditionally hardline stand against the system. For many years, the company was criticized because it resisted allowing cross-play between PS4 and other platforms, but since Fortnite erupted in demand, it has begun allowing a some of the games, such as Rocket League to support cross-platform play.

PUBG’s Season 4 new update, that will be coming out on Xbox One on August 27. The new season will bring a visual enhancement of the game’s original map, Erangel, as well as a variety of gameplay and balance improvements, plus a new Survivor Pass, which adds more than 100 rewards to unlock as players total challenges and level the pass up. Check out more news at the PUBG website.

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