PUBG Is Getting Major Next-Gen Treatment

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds — or ‘PUBG: Battlegrounds’ as it’s now called— is still a strong contender with a new map coming real soon! That new locale comes in the upcoming 18.2 patch, however, it’s some new details on the next-gen console updates that make me excited.

PUBG is becoming ‘next-gen console aware’ with the upcoming update, which means the developer can reveal some of that extra power for next-gen players. On Xbox Series X that’ll equate to proper 4K, 60FPS support, with Xbox Series S managing that same frame rate at 1080p, although it sounds like PUBG will remain an Xbox One application and won’t be getting a native next-gen port.

The PS5 version will only seek 1440p, giving the Xbox Series X a distinct advantage in image quality. We’ll have to see if that holds up with frame rate too, but we are hoping, this update has been optimized adequately, given the time it’s been in development since the next-gen consoles were released.

With these tech updates, changes are coming to some of the current PUBG maps, like the desert-themed Miramar. Some of these are pure visual updates that will make it more detailed, however, some sections are getting layout modifications to make it better combat flow throughout.


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