PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks: Become a Battle Royale Master

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You might know that PUBG continues to be the leading mobile game across the world. Battle Royale game in PUBG has become the top-most games beating Knives Out, Garena Free Fire, and Fortnite. 

Around 100 players land on an island and run for weapons in Battle Royale. There are deathly types of equipment to kill others and protect oneself. The safe area available on the game’s map decreases in size and the last player or team wins. You need to be quick to respond the changing situations of the game and compete with several players.

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Here is a list of tips and tricks that will help you master the battle royale game.


Choose landing spot carefully

Do you know a PUBG game can either last for half an hour or gets over in a few seconds if things go wrong? If you misjudge the initial landing spot you will exit early from the game. You need to identify and aim for the best loot spots in the game map and avoid other players. Remember, there are some areas that spawn the best armor and weapons such as power plants and military bases. Once you have jumped from the cargo plane look for swarms that head to a single location and avoid those areas. 


Loot and shoot

Another trick in PUBG Battle Royale is loot first and then shoot. Do not forget if you die early in the game you are dead. Once you hit the floor you will find crucial loot scattered in the buildings and supply crate drops. Early stages loot includes ammo, half-decent weapons, and armor. Look and grab nearby firearms and aim for armor at level 3. Pick health items including painkillers and bandages in the first aid kit. Grenades will also become important in the latter part of the game as a distraction or offensive tool on diminishing player count. 


Shoot when in range 

Deciding on when to hide and attack is a trick in the PUBG Battle Royale game. You should never open fire unless you are sure your weapon has a chance to hit the target. Shoot only when you are in range. If you are a newcomer it will take time to realize when you come in range and experienced players will have a fair understanding. Shotguns are useful for up-close damage while pistols and assault rifles are ideal for mid-range flights and sniper rifles are best for long-distance shots. Try to keep complementary weapons but do not carry weapons that have the same purpose.


Pay attention to the map

When you are used to the landscape of PUBG make sure to pay attention to the mini-map and keep an eye on the diminishing play area. The only safe area in PUBG is the ‘circle’. The circle will shrink in between the match. If you are outside the circle for a long time you will die. The damage you face in the field increases as the circle shrinks. Each new circle will be shown as a white outline. You will know where to go next if you keep a watch on the map. Do not rush in early phases but you need to be quick in the end. 


Hide and peek

Another trick in PUBG Battle Royale is to remain in cover wherever possible and move only for a purpose and quickly. If someone approaches you from behind it is almost certain that you are going to end up dead. Always keep an eye on the mini-map and surroundings and do not get afraid to edge your opponents. Take advantage of the sides of buildings and rocks to cover once you are in open. And yes! you can even peek around from the side of the cover without exposing your limbs. You can remap the buttons if there is a need. You have the option to reset everything if you mess up. 


Change control

PUBG provides separate controls for feet and vehicles with an option to adjust both. Yes, you have the chance to customize the in-game. There is a ‘customize’ option in the control area. Here, you can set various schemes based on which you can change the transparency of the mouse, size, and location according to your preferences. You also have the option to choose whether to fire weapons on display or for release. 


Final words

The above tips will help you to master the PUBG Battle Royale. Play the game with tricks will help you improve your gaming skills. So, implement the guiding tips and speed up quickly to survive and win the game. 


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